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M.I.A. Australian Street Team

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TV [Aug. 17th, 2005|10:19 pm]
M.I.A. Australian Street Team


Channel V - http://www.channelv.com.au/
Just cos M.I.A. isn't on the playlist isn't a reason to stop you!

Phone: 1902 220 330 (IDS call costs 83c/min or higher for mobiles/public phones)

Interactive TV: Austar viewers only. Click the OK button and choose 'whatuwant' from the menu. Don't have a phone line connected to your Austar box? Call 132 432! (Requests cost 50c/connection)

SMS: Text 1999 69 69 with your request or message

Email: Send requests and reasonable-sized attachments to whatuwant@channelv.com.au

MTV TRL - http://www.mtv.com.au/trl/vote_now.php
Scroll down to the bottom and enter what YOU want! (which should be M.I.A. bythw)

Music Max - http://www.maxtv.com.au/
SMS to 188 7455 - as well as saying the song and artists include your name and suburb
email at requestmax@maxtv.com.au

Video Hits - http://www.videohits.com.au
If they have a request form they're hiding it really well! By it doesn't stop you from emailing Axel the host! (videohits@networkten.com.au)