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M.I.A. Australian Street Team

Now we're hittin the scene!

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This community is for fans of British MC/rapper/musician/beat fiddler and all round hero M.I.A.
This commmunity has been designed to bring together and co-ordinate an Australian street team based in Melbourne to blitz the media and get M.I.A. everywhere we can!

You don't have to be Australian or in Australia to join, you just have to have 5 minutes or so every day to request on some sites and email radio/TV stations.

This is how it goes:
1. When you join up please post filling out this questionnaire:
How did you hear about M.I.A.?
How did you hear about the community?
How much time would you be willing to spend each day on the community?
2. Please, go out and hit as many sites as you can think of advertising the community
3. You can follow links and carry out tasks listed on the community
4. When you carry out a task send me an email (inkygrrl@hotmail.com) to let me know so I can keep tabs on who does what and if we need more people targetting Music Max over Video Hits or whatnot. Also, should any merch come into my hands (I've already got stickers tucked away) I know who really deserves them.

If you have a link you'd like to post do not hestitate but please, refrain from posting idle comments that could be said in a note.

Have fun!